Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Financial Pressure

President Obama said that he wants lower tuition. He wants America to lead the world in college graduates. An eventual goal to get there is to set free higher education. One important thing we need is to reclaim that if society helps someone make him or herself better, that someone will make society better as well. 

A research was done in 2007 on 14,500 students at fifteen different colleges. 38% of the students said that the reason why they dropped out of college was because of the financial pressure they were experiencing. As a student, you have a really big responsibility that you should not need to be having. The responsibility of working to be able to pay your tuition. So making higher education free would definitely have its advantages for that 38% of students.

I know some people that are living together with their brothers and sisters, and the only parent they have that takes care of them is their mother. The problem is that the mother is not fluently in English. So it is hard for her to find a decent job so she would earn enough money to be able to take care of her family. That is why her children work before and after their classes, and even between them. But on top of that, they need to concentrate on school, and make sure they pass their classes. And it sometimes is really hard to find the time to do that.

Another advantage for free education is that it would expand our economy. A college-educated person would earn $900,0000 more over the course of a lifetime than a high school graduate. The country would also have the ability to discover new breakthroughs in different industries.

Higher education in Belgium is cheap (or even free). This gives everyone the change to get a higher education and students would not have to work right when they get out of class. They would not have to worry about their loan, because they would not have to get one. They can concentrate on their classes, and they can graduate in four years instead of six or more.

By making education free, a lot of people would have a better future and would not have that financial pressure.
"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn." Wise words from Benjamin Franklin. When someone tells you something, you will forget after a will, but when someone teaches and involves you, you will remember and learn from it. 

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